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Clinical Services Offered

The Weill Cornell Comprehensive Dermatopathology Service provides the full range of services to evaluate skin tissue specimens, including:

  • Routine H and E Interpretation.
  • Electron Microscopy to diagnose Epidermolysis bullosa, indeterminate cell proliferative disorder, Langerhans cell histiopathy, congenital ichythosis, Cadasil's disease.
  • B and T cell Gene Rearrangement Studies.
  • Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization.
  • In Situ Hybridization for comprehensive HPV typing.
  • Comprehensive Immunohistochemistry, including all lymphocyte and myeloid markers and the novel prognostic melanocyte marker soluble adenylyl cyclase antibody/R21 and various markers to assess microvascular injury conditions (including Rho kinase, caspase 3, MXA, C5b-9, C3d, and C4d).
  • Direct/indirect Immunofluorescence representing the most comprehensive panel of immunoreactants (including of IgG, IgA, igM, C3, C3d, C4d, C1q, C5b-9 and fibrinogen).
  • Cytogenetic testing.
  • BRAF mutational analysis.
  • Salt Split Skin Assay, for distinction of Bullous Pemphigoid and Epidermolysis bullosa acquista.
  • Indirect Immunofluorescent Testing, including assessment of circulating antibodies directed against endothelium and pemphigus/pemphigoid antigens.
  • Cutaneous neuropathology to assess for the etiologic basis of certain stroke syndromes such as Cadasil's disease and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, demyelinating syndromes as well as small fiber neuropathy.
  • Podiatric pathology.
  • Clinicopathological correlation.

Our service autofaxes all reports and can provide duplicate slides and articles upon request.

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