Cynthia M. Magro, M.D.

Cynthia Magro MD


Faculty Distinguished Professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Professor of Dermatopathology in Dermatology
Director of Dermatopathology

Dr. Cynthia Magro received her residency and fellowship training at Harvard Medical School. She is internationally known in dermatopathology, having co-authored over 470 papers, several book chapters and three textbooks:

  • The Melanocytic Proliferation.
  • The Cutaneous Lymphoid Proliferation.
  • Cutaneous Biopsy Interpretation. 

Dr. Magro is a co-editor on the Barnhill Textbook of Dermatopathology. Her expertise has focused on the pathologic assessment of cutaneous autoimmune disease; viral disease; immunofluorescence; drug reactions; and benign, atypical and neoplastic lymphocytic infiltrates of the skin and problematic melanocytic proliferations.

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Dr. Magro's expertise has focused on complex inflammatory skin disease including cutaneous manifestations of autoimmune disease, systemic viral disease and vasculitis, immunofluorescence, atypical drug reactions, benign, atypical and overtly neoplastic lymphocytic infiltrates of skin and problematic melanocytic proliferations. She is board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with subspecialty board certification in Dermatopathology.

She has been recognized by the New York Times Top Doctors and Castle Connolly since 2010.

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